Activities in our surroundings

Outdoor activities: Our nature has a lot to show you. Starting with waterfalls, STEINSDALSFOSSEN 2 km from Norheimsund is one of the best known waterfalls in Norway. You can even walk behind the waterfall and enjoy the view! ØRREDALSFOSSEN close to Øystese, is also a beautiful waterfall on your way to the HISTORICAL PATH IN FITJADALEN. If you want to walk higher up and get a wide viewpoint, we have mountains as TOREFJELL (right behind our farm), FUGLEN, SKRÅTT and VESOLDO.

We have several places where you're allowed to fish - not the GOLDFISHWATER - and it's also possible to rent a boat.

If you want to see our district by air, you may rent a seaplane from FONNAFLY, and e.g. have a closer look at the glacier FOLGEFONNA, which is also an event to drive to by car! Other activities are GOLF, RIDING and BOWLING.

On rainy days it's a good alternative to visit our cultural installations such as KABUSO, VETLEHAGEN (ceramics), HOMLAGARDEN or the interesting HARDANGER SHIPS PRESERVATION CENTRE (appointed by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage).

In wintertime we have the beautiful SJUSETE crosscountry ski center next to our farm, and several downhill slopes at KVAMSKOGEN about 15 min. drive from here.

Within one or two hours drive form our farm, you'll reach many interesting sites such as the"capitol of western Norway" BERGEN, alpine and extremesport area at VOSS or ROSENDAL with Norway's only barony surrounded by a beautiful garden where also cultural events are being held.
Are you still looking for something or you want to book anything, the TOURIST INFORMATION in Norheimsund and Øystese is there for you.